Monday, November 19, 2012

Kimchee and Mushroom Filo Triangles with Asiago

These little guys deliver a solid savory punch: Kimchee and Mushroom Filo Triangles with Asiago. The filling is made with a variety of mushrooms, fermented radish kimchee (kkakdugi), leeks and red bell pepper, but the Asiago cheese is what brings balance to the spice and tang.

I only have two words about working with filo dough: work quickly! They have to be made in small batches. Each piece is carefully folded in filo dough, brushed with melted butter then dusted lightly with Hanguk Saffron (my powdered kimchee seasoning). I’ve sold a few special orders for Thanksgiving appetizers (around 240 pieces total). These were made ahead and frozen in foil. At 500°F they bake quickly into light, flaky, piquant pastries. One person wrote me that she had already eaten most of them: “...popped out of the oven in about 7 minutes, and by minute 9, one tray was gone...” Luckily she has 30 more.

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