Monday, December 3, 2012

Bulgogi à la Foodcarte

Finally! I made it to the head of the class. A long food line bears great rewards at lunch time near Baruch College.

“Do you want kimchee with that?” “That’s why I’m here.” I said to the young guy managing the orders at the head of the food cart. I pass this Korean food cart often as I walk past Baruch College. Usually the line is long, crammed with hungry undergrads looking for good cheap eats between classes. I couldn’t pass it this time, the aroma of grilled meat pulled me in like a smokey hook. So I turned around and took my place in line with my $7.

The line moved quickly but the sound and smell of searing meat and onions made me even hungrier. The chef served me a generous portion with extra sauce. The Korean barbequed beef on rice was worth the wait in line—smokey, tender and not too sweet, served with a side of baechu kimchee. I asked him if their food cart has a name, he said “No, we’re just the Korean food cart near Baruch College.”

They’ll be there through the winter, folks. So if you’re cold and hungry, wandering around Lexington and 24th Street and you see a long lunch line forming, don’t hesitate, jump in.

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