Monday, December 10, 2012

Kimchee Corndog Crust 2.0

So bad, it's good—all beef franks wrapped with a light, moist gochuchang corn crust

This crust seems to work better for my Kimchee Corndog redux. I hacked a good brand of corn muffin mix (brand TBA until they sponsor me) to make this light most gochuchang-based dough. It’s just sweet enough to balance the tang of the kimchee dog. These are egg-washed and topped with (l-r) BBQ pork rind dust, toasted sesame seeds and black sesame seeds. These all-beef franks are wrapped in respective order: triangle, spiral and saddle—of course they should be topped with sweet kimchee relish. This might work well with tofu dogs, but one has never wandered through this kitchen.

A-Pork-Lips-Now kimchee corndog, dusted with BBQ pork rind and sweet kimchee relish

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