Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kimchee Corndog Redux

This baked kimche corndog has a new corn muffin crust that's as light as brioche bread.
Thanks to our new Kimcheelicious Royal Taster, Niko, I don’t have to eat everything that I make. This Kimchee Corndog is wrapped in moist, crumbly corn muffin crust that is as light as brioche bread—shcmeered with chili paste (gochuchang) and maple syrup before rolling. Baked, not fried, the muffin crust complements the texture and flavor of an all beef frank. Niko is teaching our dog a new trick. Instead of slicing it down the middle and stuffing it, just top each bite with a generous dollop of sweet maple-kimchee relish. His suggestion: more kimchee relish with that dog. Thanks Joy Marchionni for styling this shoot! You made this pic a treat for the eyes.

1 comment:

  1. These were really tasty. The corn bread wrapping was moist and had a nice sweet and spicy flavor. The Kimchi topping was a perfect compliment to the meal. I placed it right on top of the corn dogs like relish even before reading this post. I should have added some mayo and sesame seeds as you suggested in an earlier post. Next time.

    It appears I can't get the photo loaded from my end, but I forwarded it to you. Thanks for letting me taste these. They are great.