Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kimcheelicious Rewards: Hanguk Saffron

This batch of Hanguk Saffron is finely milled for baking pastries, making rich sauces and more.

Foiled again... for freshness
The first set of Kimcheelicious investor rewards will leave this coming week. Thanks again to all of you who’ve made this quirky Kickstarter idea into a savory reality. I’m very excited about writing this eCookbook and sharing my Hanguk Saffron with you. I’ve been perfecting this powdered kimchee seasoning for about a year now.

Commercial kimchee powder has been used for decades—made from the dried dregs of the fermentation pot (ongi). It’s used primarily as a soup additive. It has a coarse texture and a lot of MSG and sugar to compensate for the burnt taste from high-heat drying. My Hanguk Saffron is made from whole heads of vegan kimchee that are specifically fermented for low-heat dehydration and milling, then carefully blended with aromatic spices to balance the flavor. This powdered kimchee seasoning has no MSG or preservatives, just the pure taste of a fine vegan kimchee—packed in air-tight foil pouches that range in net weights of 1, 1.5 and 2 oz.

When you open your foil pack you’ll notice the aroma of Napa cabbage and ginger. Hanguk Saffron lends a sweet pimento flavor to baked goods such as biscuits, scones and pie crust. It also adds a deep savory flavor to stews, soups, fritters and sauces with subtle notes of toasted sesame seeds and garlic. It’s perfect for making kimchee butter to use as a spread or for making short bread cookies. This powdered kimchee seasoning gives food a mild spicy heat and a beautiful saffron glow that complements any meal.

Southern Korean biscuits (top), smothered pork chops (left), maple bacon scones (center), Korean fried chicken (right)

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