Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kimcheelicious Rewards: More Mu

It took great skill to get wind through an immovable crowd of anxious shoppers with a bag that weighed more than small child. I lugged 22 lbs of Korean radish (mu) and other Korean supplies from the H-mart in Herald Square yesterday back to Brooklyn. But at last, a fresh batch of fermented Korean radish (kkakdugi) is on the way. This is one of my favorite kimchees, it only take about 5 days to ferment. This batch is part of my Kimcheelicious Kickstarter rewards for contributors.

Korean radish (mu), diced by hand and cured in sugar and salt

Korean chili flakes (gochucaru), shiitake mushroom powder, chives, toasted sesame seeds and dried nori

Tossed in a puree of garlic, ginger, apples and sweet red pepper

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