Monday, December 17, 2012

Mandu Redux: Kimchee Dumplings

A plate of fried vegan dumplings went out for a test drive and came back with a high score.

Tofu in it’s raw state sticks to my teeth... there are few things less appetizing than food that sticks to my teeth. I’m actually not a big tofu fan, but I took it as a challenge to give my Kimchee Dumplings a re-do. These dumplings are vegan, made with tofu, mushrooms, scallions, sesame seeds and vegan kimchee.

My solution was to deep fry tofu to a golden brown before using them as a filling. First I cut firm tofu into fries, drain it and let it air dry a bit, then fry them lightly in canola oil. I have to say that these fried little critters turned out better than I thought. Most of all they don’t stick to my teeth. I took batch#14 across the street to Prospect Perk Café for a test drive with their staff: a vegan, a vegetarian, and two omnivores. So how good were they? They gave this batch eight thumbs up—great texture, moist, full of savory flavor. I should have made more.

The dipping sauce is a basic soy-ginger recipe, but I used kimchee juice instead of vinegar. As suggested by my vegan friend Emma, I used maple syrup instead of honey. Not being a vegan myself, I found out only recently that honey is not a vegan food. It is considered an animal product, but in my mind a beehive pays it’s co-op maintenance fees in honey... but that’s just me.  I’m not sure if I’d ever make the switch to vegan life-style, but this recipe definitely goes into the Kimcheelicious ePUB cookbook

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