Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baechu Shrimp over Penne

Not bad for a ten-minute meal—Gambero al Baechu over penne in a green pepper cream sauce.

Kimchee and shrimp pair well naturally, especially when served over a bed of penne in a green pepper cream sauce. I cleaned and marinated the shrimp in minced kimchee and pan-seared them in butter and garlic until they had just enough color. After deglazing the pan with a little chicken stock I made a sauce with heavy cream, crushed green peppers, Chinese chives and a scant pinch of powdered ginger. Gently toss it all together and dust it with Parmesan cheese and Hanguk Saffron and gambero al baechu is ready to serve. Is it worth the allergic reaction to shellfish? I say yes, but you'll have to make that judgement call.

The only thing that makes this meal better is a cold beer and more kimchee.

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