Sunday, January 6, 2013

Black Bean Chili and Sweet Kimchee Relish

Huevos con kimchee? The high notes and sweet flavor of kimchee relish tame the spice at the breakfast table.
Nothings cools down the heat of spicy black bean chili like tangy-sweet kimchee relish. Whether it’s served as huevos rancheros in the morning or served over Basmati rice for dinner, this relish completes the meals. What’s in the relish? Ginger, red onion, maple syrup and currents to name a few things, but fermented radish (kkakdugi), Napa cabbage kimchee (baechu) are the lead flavor. The beans were stewed long and slow with a whole grated onion, cumin, and ancho powder and Korean chili flakes (gochucaru). It may not be authentic but man it’s good!

Each bite in this bowl has a flavor all its own.

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