Thursday, January 17, 2013

Green Mango Pickles, Korean Style

On day two it's already temping enough to eat the whole 16oz jar of Green mango dongchimi.

Green mango pickles—now here’s a flavor that brings back childhood memories of after school snacks, body surfing and church bake sales. I’m not sure if the Koreans brought this to Guam or whether this was an invention of the waste-not-want-not island ingenuity. One style of kimchee is more in line with conventional Western brine pickles. Dongchimi is a Korean pickle that’s fermented in brine and does not employ the use of red pepper flakes (gochucaru). Typically it’s made from radish, Korean apples or bamboo shoots that are fermented with fresh chilies (green or red), garlic, salt and ginger.

I made mine with sliced green mango and carrots flavored with a toasted coriander seed. The green mango is salted until liquid is released then mixed with fresh spices that are thinly sliced. This process is a bit more refined than what we as kids knew; we’d peel the mango in sections, crush the exposed side into coarse salt, garlic and fresh peppers and then slice each sections into strips before brining. Left at room temperature for a few days, it takes on a tart flavor that’s aromatically infused; the aroma of fresh chillies, ginger and toasted coriander seeds almost smell like plumeria. Green mango dongchimi is great with any meal, it complements vegetarian or vegan dishes but I do like it served with fish and chicken dishes or with eggs.

Green mango dongchimi served with a fried egg and kimchee scallion buckwheat pancakes


  1. Is there a recipe for this? I can't seem to find one.

  2. Yes Yantz, but this and others will be in my ePUB cookbook, out this winter 2014. Stay tuned.