Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hanguk Saffron: Beach Meets Barn

Coho salmon dinner with riced potatoes, dusted with Kimcheelicious Hanguk Saffron

Kimcheelicious contributor Stephanie B. made a slammin' salmon dinner using Hanguk Saffron, butter and a little salt. Few minutes in the broiler, riced potatoes on the side—could this get any easier?

“...I riced the potatoes, heated peanut oil then added potatoes and then sprinkled them with Hanguk Saffron. Broiled Salmon with a little butter, kosher salt and topped with Hanguk Saffron. Both were delicious.”
“In general I don’t buy ready made spice blends but this is unique and interesting.
As you know, I'm happy to use it without reserve.”

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