Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kimchee Braised Beef and Eggs

Kimchee braised beef (changjorim) and hard boiled eggs are good hot or cold. I had it for lunch with Brussels sprouts. This traditional Korean dish is more akin to pot roast than it is to stew. Like many Asian dishes, braising in soy sauce tenderizes lean cuts of meat such as brisket and London broil and extends it’s gastronomic life span without (2 weeks) or without (3 days) refrigeration. I made this yesterday to serve through the week… that is, if there’s anything left by then. Two-inch thick cubes of London broil were braised for two and a half hours in soy sauce, kimchee juice, black pepper, sugar and garlic. The hard boiled eggs simmered in the same liquid in the last hour of cooking. This stuff is delicious but be warned, it is very salty. I think this would go well hot with egg noodles or even shredded in mayonnaise to make cold pulled beef sandwiches.

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