Saturday, February 16, 2013

Korean Braised Beef over Egg Noodles

Korean braised beef resting on a nest of buttered egg noodles and stewed carrots

Kimchee braised beef (changjorim) over buttered egg noodles make a quick lunch or dinner! The changjorim was braised long and slow, a method of cooking that’s perfect for lean cuts of meat like brisket or London Broil. You might say it’s like a Korean pot-roast. changjorim can store refrigerated for up to two weeks. We always keep pre-cooked egg noodles in the fridge for a quick and easy meal. I re-braised the beef in a little water and sauce from the changjorim along with sliced onions and sliced carrots. Setting the meat aside, I tossed the egg noodles in the braising liquid with butter, a little heavy cream then toasted them with sesame seeds before serving. Doesn’t everything look just right in a Russel Wright bowl?

Changjorim is going... going... gone.

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