Tuesday, February 19, 2013

South of the Korean Border Brunch

It doesn’t have to be a weekend to have brunch. I made a spicy South of the Korean border meal, Huevos Koreanos—fried eggs and black bean chili with a generous sprinkle of Hanguk Saffron, served with Napa cabbage kimchee (beachu) and a brioche cheddar roll. I only with I had some bacon in the fridge.

This batch of kimchee is at its prime after fermenting for 6 weeks. Much like fine cheese and cured meats, microbes and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) have transformed this humble cabbage into a preserved food that’s tangy and spicy with a citrus high note and the deep savory flavor of garlic. Health benefits aside, this is what kimchee should be. Some might say that the aroma is too pungent for them even after only two weeks of fermentation... I say more for me.

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