Friday, March 22, 2013

Kimchee Waffles 2.0

There's a waffled buried somewhere under there.
Kimchee waffles, batch #5—this one is a keeper. I finally got these waffles to a mild heat with a unique flavor that provides a base for savory or sweet toppings. I prefer them savory served with a poached egg, smoked salmon, onion butter and seared shaved mushrooms on a bed of wilted baby arugula. This would work well with smoke turkey or a slice of Serrano ham, and of course more kkakdugi.

I love the warm saffron glow that kimchee lends to these griddle cake. Tomorrow I’m going to try them with maple syrup with warm brie cheese. The good thing about these waffles is they freeze well for future meals... if there are any leftover to freeze. I bet this would make a great sandwich.

Kimchee waffles are ridiculously delicious.

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