Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Outside In Piermont Artisanal Food Bazar

This batch of Napa cabbage kimchee was fermented for a month to achieve a deep flavor.
This batch of pogi beachu kimchee (above) is prime for serving, but it’s slated for dehydration to make my Hanguk Saffron. I’m getting ready for The Outside In Piermont Artisanal Food Bazar on Sunday March 17, 1013, from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

My vegan kimchee is dehydrated at a low temperature for 26 hours, then milled to make this savory powdered seasoning. It’s blended with other spices and sifted three times to create a light, silky texture with a balanced tang. It’s great to use as a dry rub for pork or chicken and as a seasoning for hot soups. One chef uses it as a secret ingredient in his salmon tartar... but you didn’t hear that from me. I’ll have 2 oz foil packs of Hanguk Saffron for sale at the food bazaar. I’ll also have some fermented radish and kimchee biscuits for little tasting to promote my ePUB cookbook. If you’re up by Piermont NY, check it out and look for Kimcheelicious.

Fairy wings and dragon scales make a powerful magic  powder.

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