Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Juk, Jook and Congee

Porridge with kimchee is my comfort food. I always make it after when I make chicken stock, and there’s never a shortage of rice in this place. Juk, jook and congee are basically that same thing, porridge made from leftovers. My Korean dak-juk is made island style with homemade chicken stock, flaked coconut, ginger and caramelized garlic. The coconut gives it more body... who doesn’t like coconut? A fresh egg is the traditional thickener. I like tossing toasted sunflower seeds or pepitas on it for a little smoke. The best part of this meal was Pablo Pineda’s fresh Napa cabbage kimchee.

Pablo is a new Kings County Fermentation Group member, originally  from Mexico. We traded jars Sunday evening after a tasting with Tater Tots. His micro-company, BrooKimchi, sells locally here in the Park Slope area. Shout out to Pablo! This man make  mean fresh kimchee. Check him out at http://brookimchi.tumblr.com. And if you you have some day old rice, make some juk.

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