Sunday, April 7, 2013

My First Batch of Kombucha!

My first batch of komucha is ready… almost. In just under three weeks It’s ready for its second fermentation. I strained the scoby and the liquid, then replaced the scoby into a solution of strong black tea and sugar to start a new batch. A little taste reveals that it’s just tart enough, put it into a new clean jar with grated fresh ginger root and little sugar; this second fermentation should only take two or three days. This is going be one very healthy tonic.

Bacteria and fungus synergize to create a fibrous rubbery float called a scoby. As they consume sugar and tea they create amino acids and make micro nutrients more available. The scoby is very resilient and sturdy but is susceptible to the influence of other non-beneficial fungus. When handling it be sure to wash your hands well, and use soft plastic tools.

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