Friday, May 3, 2013

A Gastromonic Escargatoire

I’m not a huge fan of escargot, per se. But these delicate Baechu Snails were hot and ready to eat in minutes. Certain foods complement the complexity of a fine-aged kimchee (sharp cheeses, nuts, cured meats, apples... etc.) especially when they’re baked into a pastry crust. These pizza dough roll-ups are stuffed with fine-aged baechu kimchee, prosciutto, Stilton cheese and crushed pistachio. I brushed them with melted butter, crumbled more Stilton and pistachio on top and baked at 425°F for fourteen minutes. If you think these look good, you should taste them, it’s an umami hurricane. I’m working on a gluten free version.

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