Thursday, May 23, 2013

Korean Fried Chicken for Lunch

Korean fried chicken (Hanguk tongdak) on a hot day? Serve it up with creamy cold potato salad and deep fried cornmeal-crusted kimchee. Summer arrived early in Brooklyn, but it’s worth the hot oil and toil on a humid day such as today. Coming from the hot tropical island of Guam, we islanders have mastered the art of deep frying. There’s are two secrets: getting your fry-oil perfectly hot and getting up early to beat the heat so that you don’t seat into the oil. BTW don’t wear your Sunday bests when you do this, spatter travels far.

The chicken was marinated in grated onion, miso, ginger, garlic and kimchee juice for two hours, then twice-fried in seasoned potato starch; the creamy potato salad was made from mashed and diced boiled Yukons, fermented Korean radish (kkakdugi) and lots and lots of mayonnaise; the deep fried kimchee was egg-battered and rolled in seasoned cornmeal—taken from a fried okra recipe. The only thing missing is a big ol’ sweet iced tea. EAT UP!

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