Friday, June 14, 2013

Meet the Brooklyn Kimchee Bialy

What’s a bialy? It’s a pastry brought to New York by Jewish immigrants from Bialystok, Poland. It’s one of my favorite Lower East Side and Borough Park foods. Recipes vary but it’s typically made from a simple yeast dough and topped with an onion and poppy seed paste before it’s baked.

Like much of New York’s eastern block food, it’s hearty and comes together simply and quickly—much like traditional Asian cooking. So I thought these two should meet in my kitchen. Instead of using the traditional onional poppy seed paste for the topping I made a paste with Napa cabbage kimchee (beachu), garlic, onion and poppy seeds. ZOMG, what a good nosh! It may not be kosher, but it sure is stupid good. I had it for lunch toasted and served with shaved sopresata, cherry tomatoes and white bean and miso spread.

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