Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kombucha Harvest

This heat wave has taken its toll in Brooklyn; our cats have wilted. The only thing good thing about this weather is that it has sped up kombucha production. I harvested two batches in just five days, along with two new scobies. The batch of water kefir just needs one more day before second fermentation. There’s nothing like coming home to a full cold pitcher of ginger flavored kombucha.

Some of the Kings County Fermentation Group met last week for an evening of making curtido (a fermented Salvardorian slaw) and freshly made pupusas (stuffed corn cakes). We also got to sample Adam’s kombucha and Pablo’s pineapple cider—both explosively good.

After harvesting, kombucha requires a second fermentation in which the liquid is strained, flavored and allowed to carbonate for two or three days before refrigeration. I never get too crazy with the flavors, usually ginger and cranberry. But now that watermelon is in season it’s time to expand my selection.

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