Friday, August 16, 2013

Kimchee Me: Raising Funds to Start a Small Business

As if writing a cookbook isn’t enough work... I’ve entered into the Intuit Small Business Big Game competition to raise funds. The experience of creating and demonstrating news recipes with my vegan kimchee has lead me down a path that I passionately enjoy. I’ve been working on a solid business plan to start a kimchee manufacturing company, Kimchee Me, Inc. Part of that plan is raising capital to launch a company. There are many steps to this Intuit competition, but the first one is voting for Kimcheelicious. If I get into the next round I’ll be able to vie for the competition by submitting my proposal.

Click on the link below, you don’t have to register info, you just have to click the “Vote for Us” button and please share this link. You can also re-vote after 24 hours.

Tony Limuaco
Chief Fermenting Officer

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