Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Rice Is Nice

People often say rice has no flavor. I just think they haven’t had any good rice. Whether they are long, medium or short grain, there’s a purity, fragrance and sweetness to plain steamed rice that make each variety unique. I love Basmati rice for its nutty perfume. It has a slightly dry texture which complements Indian and Middle Eastern sauces. Brown rice has a rich, earthy flavor and with long slow cooking becomes yet delicate. Who does not like hot bowl of creamy risotto? Guam and Micronesia celebrate every occasion with red rice, colored and flavored with achiote seeds and green onion. But my two favorites are short-grain and jasmine rice; I like them steamed. Both have a light, silky texture and a fragrance that always remind me of home.

When there’s no time for a real sit-down meal, simple dishes like this kimchee bowl are the best—roasted chicken leg and Napa cabbage kimchee (beachu) over steamed jasmine rice and green peas, dusted with toasted sesame seeds. Now this is Seoul food!

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