Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gochu-Sesame Brittle

Sweet treats from the Kimcheelicious cookbook—Gochu-Sesame Brittle! What’s a cookbook without dessert section? I love caramelized... anything. Our neighbor, Mrs. Torres used to make the best coconut dulce from dried grated coconut leftover from making coconut milk—a quick sweet snack for the kids. I made these brittle diamonds with white granulated sugar, Korean chili paste (gochuchang), toasted sesame seeds, and a little orange water.

This wafer-thin confection is sweet and crunchy, mildly spiced with just a hint of orange. Making caramel takes constant stirring and a vigilant watch over the flame. Work quickly, the caramel starts setting up in about a minute. It’s as hard as glass in about 40 minutes. You can eat it as is, or along side your coffee. Save all the bits to crumble over ice cream or throw on a slice of pie. Have I mentioned it’s gluten-free?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gluten-free Gochu Crackers

Gluten-free water crackers made with Korean chili paste, served with kimchee cheese kiss rolled in pistachio nuts

These glutne-free water crackers can never be described as bland—made with my Korean chili paste.
They are gluten-free and crisp with just a hint of spice. But mostly I love the color. Before they completely cool I brush them with a little soy and gochuchang, the nori is just decorative but it does add a little hint of the sea. I still have to figure out how to get the sesame seeds to stick. Food glue?

These Gochu Water Crackers are also vegan.. of course until you serve them with a kimchee cheese kiss rolled in crushed pistachio nuts. I used a combination of white rice, tapioca and chickpea flours; that makes them stay crisp and crunchy for weeks when stored properly! That’s if you there’s any left to store away. I declare this recipe a WINNER for the cookbook.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gluten-free EatUP! Is a Hit!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Gluten-free EatUP! at Freddy’s Bar and big hugs and kisses to Deb Goldstein who organized and Tweeted until her thumbs were sore! This past Sunday, Feb 9, was crowded from the moment we opened the doors well into the evening as local musician John Pinamonti showed up for his late afternoon set. We literally took-down the doors for Monsieur Singh Lassi Pops as a line of eager people spilled out the front door. This all demonstrates the need for more better gluten-free foods. I’m very proud to be a part of it.

We had twelve wonderful vendors that made record sales with new customers, Freddy’s had the busiest Sunday ever, from afternoon well into evening. I personally pressed over 60 grilled Kim-cheese sandwiches and sold a lot of Napa cabbage kimchee! People even enjoyed a hot Yum Pie or two. Some folks came from as far as Princeton, NJ, as well as the other boroughs. Many people from the neighborhood stopped by for a look-see.

We meet again on March 9, same gluten-free time, same gluten-free place. The Gluten-free EatUP! thanks all the vendors who made this event deliciously unique: Dauphin Bakery, City Saucery, Sans Bakery, I Heart Keenwah, Monsieur Singh Lassi Pops, Krumvile Bake Shop, Nutcase Crunch, Brooklyn Porridge Co., Povilho Bakery, Gone Pie Vegan Bakery, Chic-a-Peas, Kimcheelicious Fine-aged Foods, Bards Beer and The Gluten Free Bakery in Chatham  NY. Please visit these vendors websites and give them some love. And mostly I personally thank Matt, Don and Matt at Freddy’s Bar for giving us this opportunity to make it all happen.

The Gluten-free EatUP! is an event sponsored by Levine’s General Store, a provisioner of fine gluten-free foods and products. Photos: Deb Goldstein.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kimcheelicious Fine-aged Foods @ GFEU

Kimcheelicious Fine-aged Foods are vac-sealed and ready to eat! Our foods are all natural, made with the finest ingredients that are aged to perfection to give you a deep, tart, savory flavor. have kimchee with you foods you already enjoy—staying healthy never tasted so good! Delicious vegan kimchee is available for purchase on February 9 and March 9 at the Gluten-free EatUP! at Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn.

The Gluten-free EatUP! events are sponsored by Levine’s General Store, a provisioner of gluten-free goods. Learn more:

Our fine-aged foods are prepared as gluten-free and vegan with the utmost care but are made in a kitchen facility that also processes wheat.

Chili-rubbed Brussels sprouts Kimchee
9 oz vac-sealed pack: $7

(top left)

Wasabi-rubbed Brussels sprouts Mul Kimchee
9 oz vac-sealed pack: $7

(top right)

Napa Cabbage Mak Kimchee
14 oz vac-sealed pack: $8

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fuhmentaboudit PodCast: Kimcheelicious Part Deux

Jade Garden is one my favorites lightly-aged side dishes—wasabi-rubbed Brussels Sprouts mul kimchee aged with ginger, garlic and kelp is ready in about five days... if you can wait that long. Wasabi marries sweet and savory perfectly. It’s a light and mildly spiced side dish that pairs wonderfully with fish and seafood dishes. Learn more about Kimcheelicious and fermentation as Chris Cuzme, Mary Izett and I chat it up tonight (February 3, 2014) on Heritage Radio Network: Kimcheelicious Part Deux! at 7pm on