Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gochu-Sesame Brittle

Sweet treats from the Kimcheelicious cookbook—Gochu-Sesame Brittle! What’s a cookbook without dessert section? I love caramelized... anything. Our neighbor, Mrs. Torres used to make the best coconut dulce from dried grated coconut leftover from making coconut milk—a quick sweet snack for the kids. I made these brittle diamonds with white granulated sugar, Korean chili paste (gochuchang), toasted sesame seeds, and a little orange water.

This wafer-thin confection is sweet and crunchy, mildly spiced with just a hint of orange. Making caramel takes constant stirring and a vigilant watch over the flame. Work quickly, the caramel starts setting up in about a minute. It’s as hard as glass in about 40 minutes. You can eat it as is, or along side your coffee. Save all the bits to crumble over ice cream or throw on a slice of pie. Have I mentioned it’s gluten-free?

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