Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kimcheelicious Fine-aged Foods @ GFEU

Kimcheelicious Fine-aged Foods are vac-sealed and ready to eat! Our foods are all natural, made with the finest ingredients that are aged to perfection to give you a deep, tart, savory flavor. have kimchee with you foods you already enjoy—staying healthy never tasted so good! Delicious vegan kimchee is available for purchase on February 9 and March 9 at the Gluten-free EatUP! at Freddy’s Bar in Brooklyn.

The Gluten-free EatUP! events are sponsored by Levine’s General Store, a provisioner of gluten-free goods. Learn more:

Our fine-aged foods are prepared as gluten-free and vegan with the utmost care but are made in a kitchen facility that also processes wheat.

Chili-rubbed Brussels sprouts Kimchee
9 oz vac-sealed pack: $7

(top left)

Wasabi-rubbed Brussels sprouts Mul Kimchee
9 oz vac-sealed pack: $7

(top right)

Napa Cabbage Mak Kimchee
14 oz vac-sealed pack: $8

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