Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kimcheelicious sells kimchee wholesale!

Kimcheelicious sells kimchee wholesale! See if you can say that five times real fast for a new tongue twister. I delivered 36 lbs. of fermented goods to Greenpoint yesterday. Josh Cohen, owner of Jimmy’s Diner (Three Little Pigs, Inc.) has opened a second location at 92 Calyer. Speaking of which I got completely twisted around walking down Manhattan avenue. As with most of Brooklyn these days, Greenpoint is quickly gentrifying. Who knew? Yet it still has the old Polish neighborhood charm, narrow streets and alleys, low-rise buildings, small churches, specialty Eastern block food shops, diners. I walked four block in the wrong direction until an old Polish woman told me I was going the wrong way. But I didn’t mind, the weather was nice and I built in get-lost time. Have I said how much I love what I do?

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