Sunday, March 30, 2014

MUL-tini, Shaken not Stirred

Kick back, relax and have a MULtini to start your weekend. It’s made with my Brussels sprouts mul kimchee. My friend Nata Traub, mixologoist extraordinaire, has perfected what most only try to attempt—a kimchee-based cocktail that will rock your world.

Mul kimchee is not spicy, Koreans served it as a soothing summer soup for those scorching hot days. It’s a relatively short fermentation, two weeks at the most, just long enough to go tart.

I’m not sure if I can tout the health benefits, but I can tell yo this is one fine martini with notes of juniper, ginger, burdock, wasabi and just a hint of garlic, garnished with a wedge of fine-aged Brussels sprout. It soothes the tongue like a good pair of kid gloves and blooms in your mouth like a cool summer evening.

A few weeks ago some of our Eat/Share/Eat group from Facebook met up in real time in the West Village. Over brunch I presented Nata and Justine each with a small vac-sealed bag of freshly made Brussels sprouts mul kimchee. The first thing Nata said was “Cocktails!” and thus the Mul-tini was born. Save those olives for snacking, and leave the pickle-back for the kids. Check out Nata’s blog for cocktails and more. Here’s her recipe for this innovative Korean libation:

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