Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blood and Kimchee at The Gluten-free EatUP!

We’ve got Gluten-free K-Mac at The Gluten-free EatUP! topped with cheese puff crumble, scallions and fine-aged kimchee—with pasta from Taste Up Foods. Meanwhile, the World Cup will be playing on Freddy's Bar's big and small screens, Germany v. Argentina. It’s a blood-sport-gluten-free day at Freddy’s Bar with sweet and savory foods for sale and FREE ice cream tasting by DF Mavens. The Gluten-Free EatUP! is NYC’s only pop-up marketplace of locally crafted, gluten-free, taste-full goodies—brought to you by Levine’s General Store and Kimcheelicious.

The Gluten-free EatUP!
Sunday July 13, 2014 1pm to 6pm
Freddy’s Bar (Backroom)
627 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Entrance is Free

Levine’s General Store
Savor this, Levine’s General Store has their signature Yum Pies, hand-held savory pockets—Knishka (potato-kale) and Chana (curried chickpea & rice). Bring your appetite for the finest tastiest GF Grilled Cheese or Grilled Kim-cheese, by Levine’s and Kimcheelicious on Chatham Bakery Bread served with chips! You ca purchase GF bread and kimchee and hone your skills at home.

Kimcheelicious Foods
Enjoy the tart, savory, fine-aged flavors of vegan kimchee. Our foods are gluten free and aged to perfection. Kimcheelicious has Napa Cabbage kimchee and Fermented Korean Radish in 15 oz jars and tangy sweet Ssamjang Sauce in 8 0z jars available for purchase. Enjoy it on our Mac ‘n’ Cheese or a Grilled Kim-cheese Sandwich and stop by for a FREE tasting.

Taste Up Foods
Tease your taste buds with imported Italian classic foods! Taste Up Foods imports classic cookies, bread crumbs and pasta from Italia’s finest and most advanced allergen and gluten-free facilities. Levine’s General Store will be serving up Mac ‘n’ Cheese with their wonderful fusilli with a rich blend of cheddar cheese—your cravings satisfied here.

DF Mavens
It’s a scream! The “Free Trifecta” from one of the top ice-cream experts in the world, DF Mavens will be giving away Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Ice-Cream for Free!

Polvilho Bakery
Brazil is in this house! Salve the stress of World Cup viewing with Polvilho Bakery’s puffed cassava crunchy satisfying snacks, a favorite of Brazil.  Buy a bag and watch the game!
Sans Bakery
The most awesome of Ginger Cookies and the mellowest and tastiest baked treats from market fave await you. Pre-packaged, crumbly hockey pucks be damned! Sans Bakery is the gluten-free bakery you’ve been waiting for.

Gone Pie Vegan Bakery
Sweet Vegan that’s so good you won;t believe it’s vegan! We’re lucky as ever to have Gone Pie serving up decadent baked goods and sweets and… of course, pie.

Izzy & Em’s Baked Goods
Dreamy Sweetness, welcome aboard Izzy & Em's small batch, organic, cookies. Apricot and pistachio, oatmeal and raisin—your new favorite treats are here.

I Heart Keenwah
Fortify & Energize Returning from our debut market I Heart Keenwah will be sporting their high protein, crunchy, packed with flavor and nutrition quinoa snacks.

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