Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Porridge Equinox

After days of icy gale force winds, this first day of spring was draped in a blanket of snow. With daily temperatures swinging from below freezing to 45°F, this last week of winter has been brutal. It’s not been very inspiring for getting out and about, but more inspiring for cold-weather comfort food. For breakfast, lunch or dinner savory Korean rice porridge is one of my favorite winter meals; juk is simmered with Asian rice and chicken stock. It’s flavored with ginger and garlic but mot overly spiced. Usually it’s accompanied by many flavorful side dishes, both savory and sweet, and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.

Juk is a simple dish that begs for exploration. I have an easy recipe on my blog; if you want to give it a go click here. Take a look at some home-cooked highlights from last week. I hope these photos inspire you... or at least make you drool.

Honey cured ham over juk with wilted spinach and kimchee with sweet soy sauce
Fried egg over coconut saffron juk with chili-spiced pecans, shaved radish salad and a wee drizzle of maple syrup

5:10 soft boiled egg over juk wilted spinach, almonds, toasted garlic and Korean peppers with a little clover honey

Miso roasted chicken over juk with asparagus, Brussels sprouts, almonds and toasted garlic with sweet soy sauce

Sliced Italian meatballs and toasted pecans over coconut saffron juk with ponzu sauce

Bacon and eggs over juk with katsuoboshi (shaved bonito flakes) and honey

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