About Kimcheelicious

Plain and simple, Kimcheelicious is a project that explores innovative ways of combining traditional Asian fermented foods with the way we Americans cook and eat. This first ePUB cookbook focuses on making Korean tapas, small savory side dishes eaten for casual dining. We now sell our vegan, gluten-free kimchee each month at the Gluten-free EatUP! here in Brooklyn NY.

A vegan-style Napa cabbage kimchee (Baechu)

Chief Fermenting Officer
My name is Antonio Limuaco. I’m graphic designer from the field of publication and communications living in Brooklyn, NY. Kimcheelicious is a project that encompasses my professional life and my passion for good food and home cooked meals. I was born and raised on Guam, an island where Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese and Spanish culture have crossed paths at most of our tables. This cookbook is inspired by the savory, piquant, tangy flavors of Korean kimchee and the many foods with which I grew up. Kimcheelcious is an ongoing project that explores innovative ways for making and cooking with kimchee. Since 2004 I’ve been the holiday grill master at Freddy’s Bar. Every Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day BBQ I serve up my bulgogi sliders, kimchee burgers, chili-spiced corn and cheese dogs with kimchee relish. So if you’ve been at my grill you have in fact eaten my kimchee.

Hotdogs with maple kimchee relish at Freddy's Bar-B-Q
Kimchee is a semi-raw fermented food—rich in vitamins and beneficial microbes (probiotics). It has an intense savory flavor that pairs well with meats, sea food, fine cheeses, wine and beer. In Korea it’s an essential part of every meal.

But how much do I like kimchee? You should have seen my grocery bills a while back. A big part of it went towards the pint containers of kimchee from my local Korean grocer. I realized it was clearly time to make my own. I recalled how my neighbors down the street prepared their cabbage: salting, rinsing on the lawn, air drying, rubbing with chili paste, packing and then transporting to a mysterious location to ferment—not an easy process for an urban setting. After a little research I figured out how to make small batches of Napa cabbage kimchee (baechu) in my refrigerator and over time explored making other types like fermented radish (kkadugi) and stuffed cucumber (oi sobagi).

Kimcheelicious was successfully funded through Kickstarter on August 28, 2012! Thanks again to all of you for your contributions and encouragement and a very special thanks to Don, Kuhn, Kimmet and Jorge for the use of their commercial kitchen at Freddy’s Bar. You’ve helped me put Korean kimchee at the center of the American table.

A savory fermented radish kimchee (Kkakdugi) and ham galette in a whole wheat crust