The ePUB Cookbook

Kimcheelicious: Korean Tapas for American Tables

Kimchee is a semi-raw fermented food that naturally pairs well with foods we already enjoy—sliders, pizza, pressed sandwiches, franks, stews, egg dishes, pasta. But instead of using it as a side dish, why not put it into your next meal?

This ePUB cookbook is made for the laptop, iPad and tablet users. It’s written for those who enjoy tangy, spicy foods and it serves to broaden a greater appreciation for Korean kimchee. With beautiful photography, this ePUB demonstrates innovative recipes and explores methods of making a variety of kimchee in your refrigerator while explaining the process which magically transforms Napa cabbage and other vegetables into savory home-fermented foods. This ePUB will launch in February 2013.

Baked kimchee corndog served with a maple relish made with fermented radish and currants

Panchan (or banchan) are the smaller dishes that accompany or comprise a meal at the Korean table. Much like Spanish tapas, panchan are rich in flavor and variety. Korean Tapas for American Tables has over 50 recipes made for casual dining, all tested and created in the Kimcheelicious kitchen. Some of the recipes in this cookbook are vegetarian or include vegan options. It features kimchee as the main ingredient to use with other ingredients that you can find at most supermarkets.

Chicken breast paillard seared in Hanguk Saffron drizzled with chili paste aioli (l), thin-crust veggie kimchee pizza (r)

Korean Tapas for American Tables focuses on entertaining with a variety of small meals for casual gatherings—Superbowl, birthdays, Netflix night, birthday gatherings, etc.  It’s full of helpful tips for preparing and freezing meals in advance. Spend an evening with friends—throw a DIY dumpling party or tailor bowls of ramen à la cart for each person. For those who know their way around the kitchen this book has time-tested recipes for crust and pastries but also uses store-bought options as a time saver.

Grilled mini-burger stuffed with fermented radish (l),  empanadas made with chicken adobo braised in kimchee juice (r)